"Emmanuel Withers is a Soul Singer, he's a lover of art, a lover of music..." is how Emmanuel describes himself. A late bloomer in his musical pursuit, Emmanuel actually began writing rhymes and rapping at age 12; he wrote, produced, and recorded his own songs. Emmanuel discovered that not only could he rap, but he could also sing, when a young lady heard a hook that he referenced for her to sing, urged him to sing his own music. He was 16, and her words planted a seed in Emmanuel that he cultivated for the next several years. Emmanuel developed his musicianship by studying vocal legends of the past such as Russell Thompkins Jr., of the Stylistics, Bill Kenny, and Sam Cooke, just to name a few. Born to a gifted mother in her own right –an accomplished Pianist & Dramatic Soprano - Emmanuel was destined to encompass an intrinsic vocal gift that encapsulates his listeners in a musical Kaleidoscope filled with emotion, passion and style.

As an undergraduate at Morgan State University, Emmanuel had the opportunity to sing behind Baltimore's own Marcell & The Truth, and Raheem Devaughn. Though he loved the experience, Emmanuel was compelled to continue his academics. He left the music scene, and continued his education, receiving his Bachelor's from Morgan State, and a Master's from Carnegie Mellon. Emmanuel was experiencing the fruits of a successful career in Information Systems, when his innate call to music came full circle, he answered, and dove back in with complete dedication and focus. Emmanuel left the financial security of a 9-5, and began all things music, which eventually led to a oncein-a-lifetime opportunity for him to perform as a member of Damon Harris’Temptations Review. Group members were so impressed by Emmanuel's Countertenor voice, they inducted him to perform the part of the incomparable Eddie Kendricks.

Emmanuel's "Neo-Classic" style draws soul and authenticity from the great classic artists of yesterday, while invoking a silky tone and controlled edge that sets him apart as a vocal force... Emmanuel Withers is a musical experience reminiscent of a time when music held a high standard of artistry, while resonating the creativity that encompasses the ingredients of a legend in music